Are you yearning to learn more about spirituality
and connect with like-minded
spiritually conscious friends?

We are a spiritual community group in Mackay  - The Soul of One Spiritual Community - getting together to spread the light.

We are committed to serving your spiritual growth and invite you to attend our spiritual sessions of meditations, readings and learning on Tuesdays at 6:30pm and stay for a cuppa afterwards.

About Our Community

A sacred space

The Soul of One Spiritual Community Mackay provides a sacred space for you to celebrate your spirituality, gain insight and wisdom with an open heart and an open mind.

We have a lovely group of like-minded souls all wanting to learn and grow together. We have created a space to encourage friendship, community and connection, where we embrace our beliefs and spiritual growth together.

We often have a special guest join us at our sessions, discussing topics such as: energy healing, meditation, mediumship, psychic ability, medical intuition, hypnotherapy, tarot, crystals, astrology, numerology and more.

Please come along for friendship and connection with other spiritual people.

Blessings, Leighann & Liz

Community Organisers

Leighann Reitano

Spiritual Therapist at Psychic Leighann

Leighann has worked full time in her own business as a Psychic Medium for 14 years. Leighann has 4 children and is passionate about helping clients start their journey towards their personal purpose and destiny, through communicating with spirit, giving readings, healings and sharing advice. 

Read Leighann's full biography here.

Liz Hardie

Liz is a mum and aged care worker, with a keen psychic sense and a great interest in spirituality. 

Liz has followed a spiritual path for many years, which has led her to help co-ordinate The Soul of One Spiritual Community group. With her recognition that we all still have lots to learn, her welcoming ways and her sense of humour, will make you feel instantly welcomed!

Session Details

Join Us

The Soul of One Spiritual Community Mackay:
When:     Tuesday nights at 6.30pm
Where:    QCWA Hall, 43 Gordon Street, Mackay
              (next to the Youth Justice building)  
              No entry charge, donations welcome

Get In Touch


Leighann Reitano - Phone: 0411 122 719  

Liz Hardie -            Phone: 0413 059 861

A Message From The Heavens

Today's religions, their leaders and followers walk the path of those who created that one path they wish to follow, that is the way history and religion has taught us to be.  We aim to create a society that feels free to follow any, all, or none of the current paths. We believe in the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Allah and Muhammad, and we believe these teachings have been, and still are an important part of the universal process in the evolution of the human psyche and society. 

We accept that spirituality is not a process outside of religion, but that religion is a process within the holistic framework of spirituality. We believe spirituality exists in every human equal to the value of intellect and emotion and when attached to framework of beliefs becomes a common law for mankind to support one another as brothers and sisters in peace and unity.  

We believe religion in its present form is outdated and no longer ruled by the spiritual beliefs of its creators. The common teachings of compassion, belonging and sanctity of human existence taught by the deities of the past have now been overshadowed by words of men, business and churches.   The words of the Godhead have now become less than the word of religion, which we feel has bought about a lessening of the sense of purpose within, that is ruled by our innate sense of our own spirituality.  

As a collective, we are now, in fact, lost.  We have run out of things to believe in. Spiritually we are designed to believe in something, and it is the hope of this community, to bring back the pure belief in spirit, being part of who we are, the guiding light back home and the beginning and end of life itself. It is our belief that the spiritual teachings of all religions form the basis of humanity, and those beliefs, once re-framed, to reflect the truth of human grace, peace and compassion, will lead us back to direct communion with the Godhead. 

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